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  • Marianne Scholten

    Hallo Kim,
    Wat leuk dat ik het boek Slow gewonnen heb. Nu kunnen we volop aan het experimenteren met onze slowjuicer. Hartelijk dank.
    Ik weet niet zeker of dit bericht openbaar in beeld komt, daarom in dit bericht nog geen adres.

  • jherry

    Hello, I’m Jherry.
    Welcome to my website . I started writing in middle school after a creative writing assignment for my English teacher. I did creative writing for several months before I thought about doing something else.
    I had always loved doing research assignments because I’m passionate about learning. When you combine writing skill with a love of learning, academic writing only makes sense as a job.
    I’m passionate about assisting the students of the future in their school career. When they don’t have time for their paper , I am there to help.

    Jherry – Writing Expert – Company

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